Andrew Putt Debuts at M.O.T.A.'s Michiana event.The Michigan-Ontario Trials Association is a Non-Profit organization devoted to promoting observed motorcycle trials activity in the Michigan-Ontario Area. Composed of a number of member clubs, M.O.T.A. sponsors virtually all trials events held in the area. Each observed trials is organized and conducted by one of the member clubs solely for the enjoyment of other M.O.T.A. club members, and any other riders who wish to participate. Any fees collected are intended only to provide enough funds to perpetuate the sport.

All work is voluntary, but without each member’s do nation of some time and effort, the sport would not be possible. M.O.T.A. members have found that setting up a trials, constructing sections, and working to make their club’s event challenging, safe, and enjoyable to all can be more rewarding than competing in an event. It is this club-level organization with its emphasis on enjoyable, friendly competition that promotes family participation, and makes M.O.T.A. observed trials unique among motorcycle sports.

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