March 2017

March 2017

♦ 2017 M.O.T.A. Handbook Online

Royal Oaks, MI - The M.O.T.A. 2017 Handbook is now online availabe in our resources section. You can download the online version directly with this link. The new handbook includes new rules to our sport of Observed Motorcycle Trials and updated history celebrating our 50th anniversary as a premeir Motorcycle Trials Promoting Club of AMA competitions. If you would like a printed version of the handbook which include club members names, addresses and phone numbers please see your club's representative for a copy.

♦ M.O.T.A Website HTTPS Only

Chelsea, MI - M.O.T.A.'s website recently adopted an HTTPS only policy with the domain and subdomains of the site. What is the difference between http and https? That extra “s” stands for “SSL,” which stands for Secure Sockets Layer -- the technology that encrypts your connection to a website, so that hackers can't intercept any of your data. Google's chrome has started marking sites with logins (like our old forum) that do not have https enabled as unsafe. It should also help increase search engine ranking in Google's site.

♦ M.O.T.A. Member trains with Raga

Saar, Germany - Long time Bent Fenders club member David 'Biff' Knapp recently got to take part in a two day training camp in Saar, Germany with his long time hero Adam Raga. For more visit Biff's post at Trials Central.

All Championship M.O.T.A. events are sanctioned by the AMA and require a membership to compete. You can join online by clicking the AMA logo below.Join the AMA

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