NATC Meeting News

M.O.T.A. riders,

Since there was good M.O.T.A. rider participation at this years East Coast NATC Nationals (14 riders at PA and 16 at OH), I thought there may be interest in a quick brief from the annual NATC meeting that I attended on October 23rd.

  • Brad Baumert is retiring his NATC CEO position after 9 years. Andy Saum will be the new NATC president.
  • The MOTA was mentioned two times during the meeting with respect to one of the top three clubs participating in the Nationals this past year.
  • Several trials clubs are interested in hosting a GP (world round) trials. The AMA is trying to work out details with the FIM regarding new costs and responsibilities of section building with the hosting club. They are hopeful to host an event in 2023 or 2024.
  • Riders wanting to ride in the men’s or women’s Pro class must submit a one time request to enter the class 30 days prior to the event.
  • Next years event schedule for the East Coast Nationals include Minnesota and Tennessee.
  • No rule changes are being imposed on electric start bikes regarding starting a stalled bike in a section.
  • Vintage trials were mentioned a couple times regarding USA participation in a TdN but no real discussion.

Although the 2022 rules changes haven’t been updated yet, visit website for details.

Jim Gawne

Michigan Ontario Trials Association
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